BK Import Export LLC has served its customer providing quality products. Our focus has been superior customer service and product innovation.

We aim to provide service far beyond other company, with an on-site quality and assurance staff. All product is inspected prior to being delivered. More important than that, with a team of experts on wholesale problems are avoided all together. Since 2015 BK Import Export LLC has shipped 100% on-time all around the world.

BK Import Export LLC is divided into many divisions, depending on customer's requirements.

Our company provides all kind of products to major US and European retailers.

Our Innovation & Sustainability Division is focused on providing quality sustainable products for apparel, home products, shoes , garden machinery, kids toys and many other. What customer need , we serve it . Just contact with us and one person of our experienced team will assist you to find the right item to the best price for your company!


In this division we have worked tirelessly to develop some of the most sustainable processing practices in the industry.

Our Vision

BK Import Export LLC has positioned to lead the industry shift to more sustainable customer demand . Our company with the experient staff has seen the negative impacts of industry and knows that the industry must radically change. BK Import Export LLC is doing this through its point to serve each customer depending on each demand separately. Creating and offering beautiful sustainable opportunities hat meet and/or exceed current industry expectations for hand-feel and performance!